The dynamic states do not pay attention to the quibbles, they are essential and slender, they do not see in the novelties rip-offs but opportunities to be seized. Bitcoin is not an enemy of the people as the Chinese government believes. Blockchain and distributed ledger technology are an integral part of the nascent Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). There are those who understood it as well as Switzerland, Malta, Gibraltar. Banks such as Morgan Stanley have also understood this and will let Millennial blockchain experts work side by side with bankers. This was included by the Italian Banking Association which, with the ABI Lab and 14 Italian banks, are working on a new interbank check based on the R3 Consortium's Corda system.
But while in Italy, much remains to be done at the regulatory level, here are the three European states friends of the crypts and maybe you did not know how to be. If you were already aware of their friendship with the cryptic, do not take it.

Denmark European country friend of the crypto
In Denmark, natural persons who trade cryptocurrencies do not pay taxes : 0%.
While legal entities must pay taxes. How much do companies investing in cryptocurrencies in Denmark pay? They pay the same fees paid by other commercial and business activities. As in our system, even in Denmark there are direct taxes such as municipal taxes, labor taxes, income tax and property. Then there are indirect taxes, VAT is charged at 25% ...
In short, the Danish government is a friend of the crypts, yes, but only if you are a citizen.

Netherlands cozy crypto lover
In the Netherlands the National Blockchain Agenda was recently announced , created by the government in collaboration with companies, research bodies. The Agenda will be a track in the ground that everyone can follow, guidelines for the universities of the country, colleges of science and other bodies and legal entities.
Only a few days ago, then, Albert Heijn , the country's largest supermarket chain, announced that its oranges will be traced on blockchain technology. A system that will closely resemble the one adopted by Carrefour to track poultry and eggs .
But we must add that, while the government is in favor of blockchain and the technology of distributed ledgers, it does not hide its fears about trading with cryptocurrencies. A position expressed through the AFM financial authority.

Estonia crypto-friendly
Estonia has soon embraced the digital revolution, famous e-residency, and consequently the blockchain as soon as it has sensed its potential. The country had launched an exploratory initiative to evaluate the adoption of a national cryptocurrency to be used to attract investments from abroad for the benefit of companies in its territory.
Estone also the first ICO dedicated to a bank crypto, Polybius .
During the summer the Estonian government has approved a license with which the crypto exchanges can in effect become exchange of cryptocurrencies authorized to operate in the European Union. The first exchange to get the license was Ibinex, but many others in recent months have been added. There is in fact a great swarm of crypto exchange estoni in the web.


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